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Earthbag Building: Donate and get workshops passes

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WORKSHOP: Step by step guide on how to make an earthbag building.

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$30 gets you in for the theory and practice workshops! ($35 at the door)

Date: March 25, 2017.
Time: 7pm
Place: Krishna Lounge (1036 Grand Ave. San Diego/PB, CA 92109)

We are a non-profit organization seeking to build sustaining housing for our farm community that promotes ahimsa, cruelty free and organic living. We are also looking to share our knowledge of this technique with you. Earthbag buildings are super low cost, super affordable, sturdy and reliable, and environmentally friendly. If, after building it, one decides to abandon the building, with some help, the building will quickly return and integrate back into the environment.

To build the first building, we need $1,584.00. Please donate/contribute towards the cause. If you give $30 or more, we will give you a pass that will let you attend theory and practice workshops. The pass includes the free dinner after the first, the theory, workshop.

The cost breakdown:

Bags $450
Cement (delivered) $200
Sand 3 tons (delivered) $202
Lumber (includes loft, 3 windows and a door frame) $250
Barbed wire 1,320 ft roll $100
Rebar 6 10″ bars $30
Chicken wire 2 4″x50″ rolls $74
Metal lath three sheets $30
Bailing wire $20

2 tampers $60
pliers $12
circular saw $50
4’ level $10
Hawk $12
Trowel $17
Speedsquare $4
Bolt cutters $13
Door $50

Workshop topics:

How It Works
Materials Needed
Why A Dome?
Step 1: Clear The Building Site
Step 2: Dig The Parameter Trench
Step 3: Laying The Foundation
Step 4: Door Thresholds And Door Bucks
Step 5: Filling The Bags
Step 6: Putting Window Frames In Place
Step 7: Plaster And Finishing

Feel free to CONTACT US with any questions.